Interview: UX Gaming

Hi Dennis, you are a part of the UX-Gaming team. What is UX-Gaming and what exactly are you guys doing?
Dennis: UX Gaming is a german eSports organisation, that used to play with consoles, but now we are also part of the PC Gaming scene. We are trying to set a mark in the business working hard day by day. You can find more information and pictures on
Hands of Gold - what does the name and the brand stands for in short words?
Dennis: Style, quality and gaming caps for everyone - be it a professional or a hobby gamer!
How do eSports and caps match and why should every gamer own a Hands of Gold snapback?
Dennis: They match perfect because nearly every gamer is wearing a cap! People these days are really picky about their style and a snapback is simply part of any perfect gaming outfit!

UX - Gaming is the first team to collaborate with Hands of Gold. Why should Hands of Gold be any teams partner?
Dennis: Awesome caps, premium quality and a super legit team! It’s not just their products that convince to work with them, but also the collaboration and the creative exchange. The Hands of Gold crew is “on point” and we are very happy to be part of the Hands of Gold Family!
What is your favourite snapback that is featured in the first collection?
Dennis: That’s hard to decide because every snapback is something special …  but as our beginnings were the Call of Duty game, I would choose the Hands of Gold “Is Callin’” Snapback.

Is a cap a must-have for every gamer?
Dennis: Oh yes - definitely :-)
Your last words:
Dennis: I’m happy to be part of that collaboration with Hands of Gold from the beginning. We are the first team to work with Hands of Gold and we are proud of that! The meetings were very productive and we had many ideas also for future projects. I’m looking forward what there is to come and I’m sure we will have a lot of exciting projects for you! #HandsOfGold #uXArmy
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