Introducing the Number 1 Player in the Game - Hands of Gold


Hands of Gold was founded in 2015 and is the first brand ever, specializing in high quality gaming headwear. Snapbacks are not only fashionable to wear these days but the original idea was to establish an association with the favourite team, mainly in sports.
As Esports became one of the most growing sports in the past few years, Hands of Gold set up the idea that people should be able to show the love for their squad or their favourite game by wearing snapbacks.

The innovative designs and a premium quality are the key features of the brand. Different gaming topics, all time classics and the latest developments in the business are inspirations for the highly recognizable graphics.

Each snapback comes with the branded Hands of Gold box that takes your headwear game to an other level - to 24kt Gaming!
Hands of Gold is not only headwear, it’s a collectors game to make every day a day to wear a snapback.